May, 14, 2007
Yorkshire Energy World (YEW), through its Managing Director, Mr. Juan Pablo Aparicio Campillo, has expressed its satisfaction with the process and outcome of the public tender undertaken in 2007 in Abuja, Nigeria, in which YEW was the successful bidder for two deep water blocks (block 258 and block 295). The Managing Director also emphasized the commitment to the development of the country maintained by Yorkshire Energy World in Nigeria.

Here is the transcription:

Mr Juan Pablo Campillo, Managing director/partner of Yorkshire Energy World, the company that won only two deep water blocks that were awarded al the 2007 bid round has expressed his satisfaction with the process ant outcome of the bid, stressing that Yorkshire remains committed to the development of Nigeria.

He told NED at the Bid Conference in Abuja, shortly after Yorkshire Energy World clinched OPL 295 for 105 million and OPL 258 for 60 million that the company wich has been involved in construction activities in Nigeria was pleased to be venturing into the oil and gas  arena.

Describing  Nigeria as a wonderful country with a lot  of potentials, Mr Campillo noted that the company put up a good bid for the blocks because of its belief in the potentials of the blocks.
His  position in shared also by Mr. Bernardo Lare-Borges, Managing Director/CEO of the company who responded to NED enquiry on why the company put $105 million on OPL 295 “We know it is a very good block. That is why we put so much money into it”, he explained.

Speaking further  on Yorkshire Energy World, Mr Campillo pointed out  that the company comprises of people from Spain, Nigeria and Uruguay coming together on the bid and that they had no problem on the 50 per cent mandatory deposit of bided signature bonus since that was the rule. (See below for excepts of interview with Mr. Campillo)

Interview with Mr. CampilloManaging director/partner of Yorkshire Energy World:

You have just won a deep water block, how do you feel on achieving this feat?
I am  happy after many decades in Nigeria.

Which country are you coming from?
We come from Spain and we have many companies, Nigerian companies, Uruguayan companies and Spanish companies coming together on this bid.

Are you the Repsol people?
Not at all.

You just bided straight  and you were not attached to any of these downstream projects?
That is not our problem. We are going to do everything that the government wants and we will do it here in Nigeria.

And you have paid  your 50 per cent upfront for such a huge amount?
Of course. These are the rules of the game and we have to submit to the laws of Nigeria, of course.

What do you find attractive in the block that while people were biding for $55 million, you went for $105 million?
We are in Nigeria since seven years ago and we are not new here.

What area of the industry have you been operating, is it the downstream or where?
Yorkshire Energy World is into country and important construction for that matter dealing with important companies. We have been here with our companies and  now we have these blocks and we will make everything that  is required for this marvellous country.

What have you being doing  in the area of construction, are you working for the oil industry?
We are working for the construction and the oil and gas industry.

And you think the country is attractive enough for you to make this kind of investment?
Of course.


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